Pre-Meeting Workshops

Saturday Workshops

Emergency Dentistry

Date: Saturday 16 November 2019
Time: 9.00am – 5.30pm
Venue: Room 207, University of Tasmania, Medical Science Precinct
17 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Cost: $550.00 (includes catering and printed learning materials)

This practical workshop has been designed for emergency physicians and registrars wishing to further develop their skills in the provision of emergency dental care in the out of hospital and emergency department setting.

This interactive workshop will include hands on scenarios using various simulation modalities.

Workshop content:

  • Dental Anatomy
  • Dental Disease and Common Presentations
  • Dental Pain and Diagnosis
  • Dental Local Anaesthesia
  • Pharmacology
  • Dental Trauma

Storytelling for Success

Date: Saturday 16 November 2019
Time: 9.00am – 12.30pm
Venue: Harbour View Room 2, Hotel Grand Chancellor
Cost: $150.00 (includes morning tea)

We are a species who thrive on stories. It’s how we best engage and learn in almost any situation. This workshop will demonstrate techniques and methods to best use storytelling to educate and to advocate for our patients and our systems in a range of contexts. This workshop will be of particular interest for FACEMs involved in education and involved in developing projects.

The half day workshop will show you some fundamentals of storytelling, give you a few handy tools to use, show you some of the pitfalls to avoid and give you a chance to practice your story with other participants and our two coaches.

What you will learn:

  • How to make a point that people will remember
  • How to make a story emotionally engaging
  • Learn the structure of a story
  • How to put your thoughts together and create a flow
  • We can tailor the session to your needs but can include
  • Pitching for funding
  • Business networking
  • Communicating in high stress situations
  • Building rapport with clients


Anna Bateman has been telling true stories for over three decades. First as a researcher and then a producer /director making hundreds of hours of non-fiction TV, radio, online & social media campaigns. Anna has a passion for story telling that makes you laugh, think, and hopefully – act. She has been lucky enough to collaborate with the likes of Andrew Denton, Judith Lucy & Luke McGregor to name a few.

Leanne Minshull has made a career from influencing people. She has worked for politicians, ministers, for profit companies and international not for profits, here and overseas. Her talent is using story to implement a strategy.

ACEM New Fellows Workshop

Date: Saturday 16 November 2019
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: Grand Ballrooms 1 & 2, Hotel Grand Chancellor
Cost: No charge

The ACEM New Fellows Program aims to assist new FACEMs with the transition to Fellowship. This full-day workshop is a chance to hear from other FACEMs about their experiences, including practical tips and tricks for transitioning into Consultant life, and is also a great opportunity to network with other new FACEMs.

Please note: This workshop is only open to Fellows of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, elected to Fellowship within the last three years (from November 2016 – November 2019).

Career Longevity and Transition Workshop

Date: Saturday 16 November 2019
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: Grand Ballroom 3, Hotel Grand Chancellor
Cost: No charge

Have you ever thought about how long you can continue in your job? Attend the Career Longevity and Transition Workshop to hear from FACEMs who have retired, transitioned into other careers and retirement and have mastered the art of EM and are still very active at an older age in the clinical workspace.

Have you ever thought about how long you can continue in your job?

Is there life after or outside your Emergency medicine career? What else can we transition to?

Have you thought about doing locums as a way of earning some extra cash into your retirement and interested in learning more?

What do I need to do financially to ensure that I and my family are secure, and how will my relationships change when I work less?

Do you want to participate in discussion around how the college can support the mature emergency physician and do we need policy statements of hours worked, late shifts and other requirements that impact on work performance?

What research do we need into the work supports that maturing ED physicians require?

Most importantly how will I know if I am not meeting the standard, what can be done to support and transition to a role more suited to the skills that I have?

There will be information on locuming, the joys and pitfalls, and you will receive financial guidance and discussion about the changing relationships that occur when less of life is spent at the coal face. You will have an opportunity to have some “speed mentoring” with our new fellows to impart wisdom and receive renewed enthusiasm and respect.

If these issues interest you then then this is the workshop for you. The workshop is open to ED physicians of all ages however will Target those that have done a few years and are thinking is there more?

There is more, come along.


Kate Field – Emergency physician at RHH, goat farmer and cheese maker.

Andree Salter – Emergency physician at The Canberra Hospital. Talking about fatigue and longevity in ED clinically.

Bryan Walpole – Retired Emergency Department Director at RHH and now raconteur and part time ED physician and history buff.

Marielle Ruigrok – ED Physician and Director of Emergency in North West Tasmanian and beef farmer.

Joshua Lees – From Global Medics Locum Agency to chat about the locum workforce and requirement.

Jo Burnand – A Fellow of the College of Medical Administrators, the go to person for medical colleges to sort out accreditation, issues around bullying and harassment and general all round smart person who can fix problems.

Julian Willcocks – Emergency Physician at Wyong and Gosford Hospitals and budding stock broker.

Please note: This workshop is only open to Fellows/members of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.

Sunday Workshops

Infusing Cultural Competency: A Supervisors’ Guide to Resuscitate their Workplace

Date: Sunday 17 November 2019
Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Venue: Grand Ballroom 1, Hotel Grand Chancellor
Cost: No charge

DEMTs are invited to a workshop designed to enhance trainee outcomes and make their lives easier!!

Following the Christchurch shootings, the world is reeling from religious fanaticism and racial-based violence. Never has it been more important to work together to overcome barriers to cultural acceptance and harmony.

Increasingly, we understand that to be clinically competent you must be culturally competent. What is the point of having access to the most up to date investigations and treatment options, if your history taking misses the point? Can you be truly patient focused, if you cannot understand the patient’s perspective?

EDs treat patients of all religions and cultures. Indigenous Health and Cultural Competence are examinable, but where do trainees learn these skills? How do you run a teaching session that is respectful of the local traditional owners and provides trainees with skills they can use?

This interactive, immersive workshop will introduce the tools to include IH & CC into departmental teaching. It will explore the opinions and perspectives of participants and facilitators, grounded in the practical world of Emergency Medicine.

Clinical Ethical Decision Making in the Emergency Department – Providing a Framework to Answer the Tough Questions

Date: Sunday 17 November 2019
Time: 8.00am – 1.00pm
Venue: Grand Ballroom 3, Hotel Grand Chancellor
Cost: $240.00 (includes morning tea)

Ethical decision making in the Emergency Department. How does one navigate the ‘grey’ areas? Can an ethical framework help?

Use the principles of respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice to explore common ED scenarios such as:

  • Resource utilisation and triage.
  • End of life decision making and cessation of care.
  • Mass casualty and disaster triage.
  • Issues around consent.

Programming Swift when you’re not a Programmer

Date: Sunday 17 November 2019
Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Venue: Chancellor Room 4, Hotel Grand Chancellor
Cost: $300.00 (includes morning tea)

This fast-paced workshop teaches you how to solve problems logically and systematically (we reckon medical professionals might be familiar with that approach!) using the Swift programming language, on either iPad or macOS devices.

Designed for clever non-programmers, we’ll take you through the basics of the powerful, modern Swift programming language, covering:

  • what a programming language can do
  • the basic features of programming in Swift
  • how to create “Playgrounds” to program in Swift on macOS or iPad
  • approaching a problem and solving it with Swift
  • where to go next to learn more, and what to learn next

By the end of the workshop you won’t quite be ready to make your own apps, but you will know how to program in Swift, and you will know how to problem solve using programming techniques. By the end you will:

  • know what kinds of problems you can solve with the magic (it’s not magic) of programming!
  • know where to start when you want to solve a problem
  • understand how programming works
  • know the basics of Swift

Note: participants will need to bring their own Mac, capable of running the latest macOS.

* Please note that minimum numbers apply to all workshops. If a workshop is cancelled, you will be advised by Friday 4 October 2019.

Post-Meeting Workshops

ACEM Research Network Symposium

Date: Friday 22 November 2019 (Dinner on Thursday 21 November 2019)
Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Venue: RACV Hobart Apartment Hotel, 154-156 Collins St, Hobart
Cost: $450.00

You are invited to the first ACEM Research Network Symposium. This event, convened by the ACEM Clinical Trials Network at the RACV Hobart Apartment Hotel on Friday 22 November 2019, following the Annual Scientific Meeting. The Symposium will be a full day of scientific activity in a relaxed and collegial setting. Registration includes a networking dinner at the Franklin Bar & Restaurant on the preceding Thursday evening.

The aim of the symposium is to foster collaborative multicentre clinical research in emergency departments across Australasia. Updates on active Clinical Trials Network endorsed projects will be presented. Come and join the discussion and listen to internationally renowned speakers. The number of attendees are capped at 40, so be sure to register early so you don’t miss out.

* Please note that minimum numbers apply to all workshops. If a workshop is cancelled, you will be advised by Friday 4 October 2019.

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