A draft program is now available, and will be updated over the coming months.

We’ve sensed that delegates at conferences have wanted to actively participate in many of the sessions, and lead discussion towards topics they want to address. Well, here’s your chance. All sorts of discussions take place in the corridors of meetings, and we want to bring those conversations into the main conference program. 

Over 3 concurrent sessions each day of the conference we will be asking you for your views on 3 places in time. These opinions will be summarised in a Hobart Statement on the final day of the conference to memorialise our views in this time and place and provide traction for future solutions.

The following are thematics for each concurrent:

  1. Emergency Medicine: Jack of All Trades, Master of What?
    What is our scope of practice & responsibility and how is this reflected in what we do?
  2. 2050: An Emergency Odyssey
    How will our scope change, what will an ED in 2050 ‘look’ like (for better or worse)?
  3. 2050 Vision: Plans and Priorities
    How do we ensure or prevent the EM2050 vision?

Through these provocative themes, we hope to generate a snapshot of how the delegation sees the changing climate of emergency medicine.

When given the opportunity, how will you address these questions?

Interactive Sessions

Interactives are 90 minutes in duration.  They will generally be held in a room for up to 150 people set up banquet style to encourage discussion, debate and cross table conversation. We anticipate such a format will work well for case discussions, sharing of novel ideas, consideration of difficult problems and debate on controversial areas. These sessions will generally be run by formal college groups, committees or other groups within the broader emergency medicine community.

Science in the Pub

For those who want the science to keep coming after the sun goes down…join us on Tuesday evening upstairs at the Hope and Anchor Hotel for an night of scientific presentations and good company in a relaxed informal atmosphere. And yes, it’s in a pub… There is a nominal additional fee for this event.

Important Dates

Sponsorship & exhibition prospectus released