Hobart & Surrounds

Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city, offers a blend of heritage and lifestyle with world class activities and attractions nearby.

In Hobart, explore the converted colonial warehouses of Salamanca and on Saturdays there’s Salamanca Market, Tasmania’s most visited attraction.

From here it’s a short walk to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery or a short ferry ride takes you to Mona, one of the world’s largest private collections of art and antiquities.

South of Hobart are the clear waters and stunning coastline of Bruny Island and the beauty of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. An alternative route passes through the Huon Valley alongside the tranquil Huon River and on to the rugged Hartz Mountains National Park.

To the east are the wineries of the Coal River Valley and further on is Tasman National Park, with its spectacular coastline and historic convict sites.

Heading west, the road follows the beautiful River Derwent through the Derwent Valley and on to the grandeur of Lake St Clair in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

And if you’re travelling north to Launceston, the Midland Highway, dubbed the Heritage Highway, offers many opportunities to learn of Tasmania’s heritage past, with homesteads and country cottages revealing the state’s early colonial history along the way.

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Getting Here

 By Air

Hobart International Airport is serviced by four national carriers, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and TigerAir, who all fly daily to Hobart from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Qantas  13 13 13
Jetstar  13 15 38
Virgin   13 67 89
Tiger Air 1300 174 266

Access from the airport to Hobart city is only 20 minutes.

Many hotels will recommend and offer an Airport Shuttle service however the Red Line service is available to pre-book from the airport to your chosen accommodation. These bookings can be made at www.tasredline.com.au. There are also taxi and bus services that run regularly from the airport to the city centre.

By Ferry

The Spirit of Tasmania operates twin passenger/vehicle ferries daily from Port Melbourne to Devonport in Tasmania’s north-west. The comfort and familiarity of your own vehicle is a great way to explore the pleasures of southern Tasmania and it takes around three and half hours to drive straight to Hobart from Devonport.

Travelling from Elsewhere in Tasmania

Southern Tasmania can be accessed by a number of key roads. From the west coast, the Lyell Highway (A10) passes Lake St Clair and goes through Derwent Bridge. Once you are in Derwent Bridge, technically that’s southern Tasmania. From northern Tasmania, (Launceston, etc.) your journey south on the Midlands Highway, or Heritage Highway, becomes a southern experience at Oatlands. This is National Highway 1. From the east, the drive from Orford to Sorell on the Tasman Highway (A3) plunges into the south just past tiny Buckland.

There are other ways to make your way south, such as around the Great Lake in the Central Highlands and on many of the dirt roads that reveal some of Tasmania’s most unique experiences. Not all hire-cars are covered by insurance on dirt roads so it is vital to check this detail with your hire-car company.

If you feel like living it up, you can also fly from elsewhere in Tasmania to many places in the south. Par Avion operates from Cambridge Airport and is available for charter, Tasmanian Air Adventures operate a sea-plane out of Hobart’s waterfront and can land in many of Tasmania’s beautiful waterways and RotorLift Helicopter are based at Hobart Airport and offer charter flights.

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Getting Around Hobart

Public transport facilities in Hobart are easily accessible with frequent bus services. Taxis abound and are reasonably priced.   A free busy bee service operates throughout the city. For further information on bus timetables visit the Metro Tasmania on www.metrotas.com.au.

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