An Invitation from the Meeting Chairs

Hobart last hosted our Annual Scientific Meeting in 2012, and it’s with great pleasure and excitement that we dare you to come back and again push the boundaries of what’s possible and necessary for a stimulating 21st century medical conference.

We’ve had a long hard look at ourselves and we’ve come to the realisation that the nature of our specialty and the very reason for conferences has changed significantly. So too should the nature of conferences change.

Why do you even go to conferences? Stop and think about it.

Do you dare to be bold?

Are you up for more participation in the conference rather than just listening?

Do you find yourself lonely and unable to connect at a conference?

What do you really want? Is it a holiday? Is it to collect your CPD points? Is it to learn new stuff? Is it to connect and meet likeminded colleagues from far away? Is it all of the above?

Come to Hobart, try something a little bit different and a little bit fancy.

Come to Hobart to experience “The Changing Climate of Emergency Medicine”, but don’t come to just sit and be a passive spectator. The talent lies within the audience; be an active part of the whole organism as we bring the corridor conversations into the auditorium. Participate, engage, contribute, be a part of the greater whole. Every single one of you.

No passengers will be admitted.

More information and instructions will be forthcoming. Brace yourselves and start preparing.

Associate Professor Geoff Couser
Chair, ACEM ASM 2019

Dr Brian Doyle
Deputy Chair, ACEM ASM 2019

Important Dates

Sponsorship & exhibition prospectus released

March 2019

Registration opens

20 March 2019

Call for abstracts opens

5 April 2019

Call for abstracts closes  

29 July 2019

Early bird registration closes

16 August 2019


Pre-Meeting Workshops

16 & 17 November 2019


Welcome Reception

17 November 2019



18 – 21 November 2019


ASM Dinner

20 November 2019